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RWC 300
RWC 300
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RWC 300 - V and S

The RWC 300 is suitable for middle and large coils, with strong wires and flat copper.
The machine can be delivered with different traverse units (500, 750 and 1000 mm) and center heights.

Quality and flexibility = best customer benefits.
• Easy programming.
• External programming possible with Excel and WiDaMa (Winding-Machine Data Management).
• Central program management on file servers.
• All winding parameters are programmable and extensible.
• Programmable winding operations.
• An operating step includes all needed winding parameters.
• Corrections of programmed functions during winding process.

Speed and torque of the machine can be modified very easily by changing belt and gear wheels.
Loading of winding programs takes place via USB and LAN interface.
Integrated Flash Memory serves also as a winding program and parameter data medium.
Winding programs and parameters can be created directly at the machine and edited, protected by the various password levels.
Winding programs can be edited on external Computer with Excel and transferred to the machine via USB or LAN Interface.
RWC machines have by default a 15-inch touch screen with user interface, simple and easily understandable.
RWC machines have a powerful control / real- time operating system, which is modularly extensible.

Quality -  Made in Germany

Technical data
Machine Types RWC 300-S * RWC 300-V *
Wire range mm 0,01 - 5,00 0,01 - 6,00
Winding width mm 500 / 750 mm * 750 / 1000 mm *
Clamping length with Tailstock mm 900 / 1150 mm * 1150 / 1400 mm *
max. Pitch- Traverse mm 99,99 /Spindle-Turn ³ 99,99 /Spindle-Turn ³
Belt level Variant 1 / 0 - 3 Variant 2 / 0 - 2
Belt level 0 - Rotation speed rpm max 750 max. 750
Belt level 0 - Torque Nm max. 50,4 max. 64,0
Belt level 1 - Rotation speed rpm max 1500 max. 1500
Belt level 1 - Torque Nm max. 25,2 mas. 32,0
Belt level 2 - Rotation speed rpm max 3000 max. 3000
Belt level 2 - Torque Nm max. 12,6 max. 16,0
Belt level 3 - Rotation speed rpm max 6000  
Belt level 3 - Torque Nm max. 6,3  
Spindle-/ Tailstock  Center height mm 250  * 250  *
Winding diameter mm 500  * 500  *
PC-Control Industrial-PC with Single-Core-Processor,  Dual-Core-Processor **
Languages DE, EN, IT, FR, ES, CS, HU, SU, RU, PL, NL
Connections 2x USB2.0, 1x Ethernet (RJ45) 100M, 2x Serial (RS232), 1x VGA, 1x Foot Control Device, Digital I/O, 2x PS2
OS Robust real-time operating system
Data-Backup / Update via USB and Ethernet
Printer connection (Optionally) USB/Parallel **
Digital-Analog I/O (Optionally) expandable ***
Display 15" Touch-Screen (metal case) Standard *, 12.1'' IP65 Touch-Monitor **, 15'' IP65 Touch-Monitor **
Keyboard USB Wireless Keyboard 2,4 GHz **
Disk Flash Memory, Local  ca. 5.000 winding programs ², Network ca.20.000 winding programs ***
Extensions Programmable PLC interface to control external components possible (integrated) **
Joystick Teachfunction / Spindle to CW/CCW and Traverse (left and right) operated manually
Connection values kVA 5,1 5,8
Machine dimensions W x L x H   850  x  1650  x  750 850  x  1810  x  750 850  x  2070  x  750
Power Supply   3x 400V - 50/60 Hz / 16 A

* Other dimensions possible, subject to change!
 ** Optionally, on request
 *** Expandable on request
   ² In average size of 400 kilobytes (about 500 steps) Incl. comments
³ The following applies Product of speed Main spindle x Feed motion <3600 / min

Versatile Touch Software for Winding Machine

The user interface is a simple touch screen operation optimized for winding machines and provides basic functionalities such as winding programs
Open/Close/Copy/Save/Delete /Edit/Print, also language-switch and additional functionalities from the area, configuration, service and system optimization available.

Main winding parameters

Main winding parameters



Error Messages

Error correction

Language switching

Do you want to have more pictures of user interface, then contact us:
RWC 300 - Machine Diagram

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